Investment and Consulting

Real Estate Investment Advisory Services

With our extensive network advantage, with respect to real estate investments, purchase suitable land and tax legislation - sales - rental - We provide all the needed support in real estate law with brokerage services in the construction and financing of domestic and services to foreign investors.


Development and Marketing of Real Estate Projects

Except where the current lease or sale of land and buildings on the property owner to offer different evaluation alternatives.

In-depth analysis by the location where the project is to identify the data needed in the planning stage and steer by making the project Marketing Consultancy.

Creating sales and marketing strategies, projects, sales offices to prepare and organize the delivery process by making the sale of these projects.

The property purchased by the project, the project's sales while still any reason to sell wanting to customers of the need, 2nd hand real estate sales and rental services under the name, to be organized in accordance with the interests of party services.


Project Management

Planning for the achievement of the project objectives to real estate activities, reporting and control is required. These activities are performed, performance, cost, keeping within the limits of time is acceptable exposure and size of the project within the limitations, more effective management of resources, the identification of targets on increasing the profitability of preparedness against risks and opportunities by ensuring the realization of the project management activities at issue is ensured.

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