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In order to capture institutional momentum as a result of 26 years of knowledge and experience Voice TURKEY as we move steadily forward with strong steps by adding new businesses to develop ourselves to our structure.

Voice TURKEY on 12 August 2014 (Yavuz Koray Lekesiz) was established by a real estate investment and consulting company.

The company, together with its solution partners, priorities that people and using the latest possibilities of technology in international competition, earthquake-resistant life and investment centers, combined with knowledge and expert staff, solution-oriented, profitability improves and investors with a portfolio balanced structure in order to reduce the risk to provide investment products serves the following tasks;

Get all kinds of real estate, sell, buy, rent, and lease; the land parcel and zoning on the field and remove the condition, to project if necessary.

In-depth analysis by the location where the project is to identify the data needed in the planning stage and steer by making the project Marketing Consultancy.

Creating sales and marketing strategies, projects, sales offices to prepare and organize the delivery process by making the sale of these projects.

The property purchased by the project, the project's sales while still any reason to sell wanting to customers of the need, 2.hand real estate sales and rental services under the name, to be organized in accordance with the interests of party services.

Management of projects, land sales support and after sales service of all by organizing their services at the maximum level of customer satisfaction by managing one retention and thereby gain new projects to ensure the customer.

All kinds of construction works; housing, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, making the construction, to sell the land on their own account and on land belonging to them or others to take the land and buildings to make money on the land floor.

Image of all kinds in the country and abroad and committed to the construction of the private sector and installation make jobs and detached houses, commercial buildings, factories, roads, dams and ponds, parks and landscaping and touristic facilities, resorts to build and lease.

All kinds of buildings, offices, facilities and structures, landscape architecture and landscaping in the architecture, engineering, planning the technical consultancy services, project, technical calculations, consulting, studies, research, design, feasibility, create service groups associated with it and to operate.

Voice TURKEY, the developer of the usual standard, environmentally friendly pioneer project to a stable and sustainable way to invest in companies and customer satisfaction by institutional as main objective to become one of the highest level, the few real estate investment and consulting firm.

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